Solar water heating has never been this easy


Why solar PV


Generates electricity and not just heat, with a 25 year linear energy output guarantee. The 10 year workmanship guarantee alone is double what you would get from a thermal system


Installation is a breeze with standardised Aluminum extrusion mounting kits. No infrastructure changes and no new copper piping.


The aesthetic appearance is unmatched with a sophisticated tone and no longer do you need a bulky eyesore on the roof of your home.


Higher quality, extended life expectancy and all this at a more affordable price. The solution features lower system and installation costs considering durability.


We are originals, often imitated, hardly matched
We develop technology that drives sustainability.

The original manufacturers of the AC/DC solar water heating solutions, we deliver as much ongoing innovation as we do deliver solutions.

Focused on providing sustainable solutions to the market, we continuously improve our product offer. Don't be surprised if we improve quality whilst we lower costs.

  • Innovative
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • South African

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